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In March 2016, Elaine moved her studios from Exeter, England and Marrakech, Morocco to Burgundy in France.

Here in the village of Couches on the edge of the famed Côte-dʼOr, a premier wine growing region of France she has established her atelier/studio and created a permanent gallery for her work. It is open to all visitors by appointment.

Take a look - www.couches.gallery


The Numinous / Les Numineux Elaine M Goodwin (solo) March 14 - September 6 2020

Gallery Chapel Saint Eman, Chartres, France

Works which touch upon an extreme. At one and the same time they can suggest two opposing forces: an immediacy of delight and wonder yet at that very same awakened moment can also evoke feelings of dark mystery and the unknown. This creates in the viewer a double tension: which any profound musing on the infinite has the ability to arouse.


‘Il/Elle’ Elaine M Goodwin (solo) July 4 2020 - April 26 2021

Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, Burgundy, France (solo)

An exhibition which explores expressions of the male and the female - and the intermingling of the two. The Human Form was always there to be explored in visual art and no less so than in the history of mosaic, where naked and near nude mythological figures abound.

Elaine’s very early depictions of the body in mosaic paralleled her research into the medium; and initially showed a classical Roman-inspired technique which later became less realistic and more symbolic in interpretation - often completly abstract. This exhibition show how this enquiry continues to absorb her, and almost every year from the 1990s to the present Elaine has added a new work to a series called He/She.


Luminous’ Elaine M Goodwin (solo) July 18 - September 26 2020

Galerie Tour St Nicolas Paray-Le-Monial, France (solo)

An exhibition of 42 works covering the last 20 years of the artist’s work.

The lower rooms of the gallery exhibit work completed from 2016 - 2020 in the artist’s studio in the vilage of Couches in Burgundy. The move to France can be seen to have introduced rich colour into her palette.

‘In France, I live surrounded by the vineyards of Burgundy, including the famed Côte D’Or...they are a continual source of inspiration to me...The changing seasons in the appearance of the vine, mirror the changing aspects of life and death...with always the anticipation of ecstasy!

The upper rooms of the gallery show work of the artist from 2000 - 2015 created in her studios in Exeter, England. The palette is muted with silvery grey tones redolent with reflected light, reflecting the misty light of the South West of England.

‘Exeter, taught me to love rain, mists and the movement of its river...rain turned surfaces into jewels of light, mists blurred and softened and shimmered, and the river allowed a surface to dance with light.’


Fragments of Light Elaine M Goodwin (solo) Spring 2021

Galerie d'Art Municipale, Diekirch, Luxembourg

A miscellany of works, created over the last ten years, come together to create an exhibition whose main theme is Light. Elaine’s long association with the Duchy of Luxembourg is a close one. She knows the country well and has exhibited in its castles and galleries for thirty years. In this exhibition, her second in this gallery of many rooms, she fills each space with an aspect of Light - through theme, colour or form.

Galerie Mona Lisa, Rive Gauche, Paris, France. May/June 2013