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In March 2016, Elaine moved her studios from Exeter, England and Marrakech, Morocco to Burgundy in France.

Here in the village of Couches on the edge of the famed Côte-dʼOr, a premier wine growing region of France she has established her atelier/studio.


Fragments of Light Elaine M Goodwin (solo) May 7 - 30 2021

Galerie d'Art Municipale, Diekirch, Luxembourg

Created over the last ten years, each work in this new exhibition by the English artist Elaine M Goodwin is composed with cut fragments of light-reflecting materials - precious mosaic golds and glass. The individually cut fragments (the tesserae), like words in a poem, play a vibrant and singular part in each completed work.

The artist is constantly seeking out the wonder of life...a daily search for its essence....She explores nature and abstract concepts to enable the meaning of existence to be revealed and then translates what she finds into works redolent with light.

Her artworks encapsulate moments of pure wonder... to be experienced again and again in the ever changing surface of the works as the spectator looks deeper into each work.

It is a life affirming vision...

Elaine’s long association with the Duchy of Luxembourg is a close one. She knows the country well and has exhibited in its castles and galleries for thirty years. In this exhibition, her second in this gallery of many rooms, she fills each space with an aspect of Light - through theme, colour or form.


Elaine is currently working on a body of work under the heading of ‘Burgundy Idylls’ / ‘Idylles en Bourgogne’

“What is so marked about living in Burgundy is acutely observing the change of the Seasons...their colours, forms and textures metamorphosing dramatically and daily before my eyes...it is truly inspirational!”

I have lived and worked in Burgundy now for five years, and the region has had a subliminal effect on my palette of colours...The soft silver greys of England and the vibrant pink/reds of Morocco, have morphed into a spectrum of rich golds, greens and coppers.

This change is not planned or deliberate, it is Nature’s way of seeping into the consciousness and gaining a hold...I am happy to let this happen...it is an immersion in Beauty.

My new works have been created during the Covid 19 confinement and reveal my reflections: on the vineyards, the rolling landscapes alongside current contemplations.

Galerie Mona Lisa, Rive Gauche, Paris, France. May/June 2013