Elaine M Goodwin

Born England, BA Hons, Art Training Exeter College of Art and Design, UK. Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters (DLitt) for outstanding contribution to the world of art, by the University of Exeter. Degree Ceremony July 2010. Made an Honorary Fellow of the College of Humanities at Exeter University 2010. Made an Honorary Fellow at Exeter University’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies 2013. Elaine is a member of the Chelsea Arts Club, London. She lives and works in Burgundy.

Professional Activities

arrow32 Atelier : D’Art Elaine M Goodwin .
Elaine’s atelier permanently exhibits her work and is open for visits around the year by appointment.

arrow32 Founder President
BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic)

arrow32 Member AIMC
(International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists)

arrow32 Founded TE21 with Dugald McInnes, Lucio Orsoni and Toyoharu Kii
A conceptual association of international artists at the forefront of mosaic

arrow32 Master Classes / Lectures
England, Greece, Australia, Italy, Egypt, Canada, India, Turkey, Macedonia & Tunisia.

arrow32 Private Commissions / Collections
Australia, Belgium, Egypt, England Click here to view., France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Lybia, Morocco, Macedonia, USA, Portugal, Scotland, Sharjah, Spain,            Switzerland.

arrow32 Public Commissions / Murals
England Click here to view., Scotland, India (the Rock Garden of Nek Chand Saini, Chandigarh) Click here to view.

arrow32 Eden Project. ' Liquid Gold' triptych, 2001, Mediterranean Biome, Cornwall
Click here to view. Both photos by john Melville

arrow32 Curator Millennium exhibition
Mosaic - A Living Art: an Anglo- Italian Celebration at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Gallery, Exeter 2000 Ruskin Gallery Sheffield 2001

Selected Exhibitions

arrow322023 - Exeter/Marrakech/Couches: Three Ateliers (solo) Galerie d'Art Municipale, Maison de la Culture, Diekirch, Luxembourg

arrow322023 - Métamorphosis (solo) Galerie Mary-Ann : Quai Lamartine, Mâcon, Burgundy, France

arrow322022/2023 - ‘Chanter le Blues’ Atelier d’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, Burgundy

arrow322022 - ‘Opere dal Mondo’ Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, Ravenna, Italy

arrow322022 - Art de la Mosaïque Contemporaine; La Roche D’Hys, Domaine des Arts, Centre International de Rencontres Culturelles, Massingy-les-Vitteaux (solo)

arrow322022 - ‘Idylles en Bourgogne’ Atelier d’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, Burgundy (solo)

arrow322021 - Fragments of Light Galerie d'Art Municipale. Luxembourg (solo)

arrow322021 - He:She Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France (solo)

arrow322020 - ‘Opere dal Mondo’ Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, Ravenna, Italy

arrow322020 - Fragments of Gold (solo) Galerie New Orleans am Pfauen, Zürich, Switzerland

arrow322020 - Chapel Saint Eman Gallery, Chartres, France (solo)

arrow322019/20 - Retrospective Exhibition 'Journeying to Light II' Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France (solo)

arrow322019 - Retrospective Exhibition 'Journeying to Light.' Main Gallery, RAMM, Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery Exeter, England (solo)

arrow322018 - Tour Saint Nicolas, Paray-le-Monial, France. (AIMC)

arrow322018 - Mosaic as Contemporary Art, Cloister of the basilica, Paray-le-Monial, France. Travelling exhibition, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia. (2019 Germany)

arrow322018 - Prix Picasiette, Chartres, France

arrow322018 - 'Ouverture Marocain' Galerie D'Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France. (solo) with invited calligrapher Mohamed Abaoubida

arrow322018 - 'Take Five' with Lucio Orsoni, Dugald McInnes, Edda Mally, Annik Chaima. Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France

arrow322017 - Bleu (solo) Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France

arrow322017 - 'Vin Divin' (with Jean-Claude Bligny) Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Burgundy, France

arrow322017 - Opera del Mondo, Cloister of St Francisco, Ravenna, Italy (AIMC) Exhibited work. ‘Ode To Bacchus’ (triptych)

arrow322016/17 - Icônes de Lumière / Icons of Light, Gallery D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, France

arrow322016 - Prix Picassiette, Chartres, France

arrow322016 - ' ‘Light Coitus’ 2013 (diptych by EMG.) Vienna, Austria and previously shown in 10 venues in Italy and currently exhibiting in various venues in Greece.

arrow322016 - 'Silence of the Serenissimo' (diptych by EMG) International exhibition (AIMC) Tadea Palace, Spilimbergo, Italy

arrow322015 - 'Music and Dance' Chelsea Open Show, Chelsea Arts Club, London

arrow322015 - 'Morocco Exposed' Gallery Dar Caravanne, Essaouira, Morocco

arrow322015 - 'Opus Imaginarius' (3D work by EMG) Bibliomosaico gallery, Ravenna, Italy

arrow322015 - 'To Be or Not To Be' (pentaptych by EMG) Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, Piazza John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ravenna, Italy

arrow322015 - 'Desert Songs' Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Edarabfest, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

arrow322015 - Wolfson Gallery, School of African and Oriental Studies, SOAS, Russell Square WC1H OXG London, England. (Solo) (AIMC)

arrow322015 - mediArt espace Gallery, 31 Grand-rue, Luxembourg. (solo)

arrow322015 - Contemporary Gallery, Medici Riccardi Palace, Florence, Italy.

arrow322015 - Mosaic Arts International Masters Exhibition, The Clay Studio, North Second Street, Philadelphia PA, USA.

arrow322014 - Museo del Fiume in Nazzano, Rome, Italy. (AIMC)

arrow322014 - Guelph Palace Gallery, Florence, Italy. (Musiwa)

arrow32 2014 - Gallery of the Centre for Architecture of Vienna, Austria

arrow32 2013 - Gallery of the Palazzo Esposizioni Communale, Florence, Italy

arrow32 2013 - Galerie Mona Lisa, Rue de Varenne, Rive Gauche, 75007 Paris, France (solo)

arrow32 2012 - Homage To Byzantium (solo) Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg

arrow32 2012 - Annafietta's Space: via G.Argentario 5, 48121 Ravenna, Italy (solo)

arrow32 2011 - The Street Gallery, Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies, University of Exeter

arrow32 2010 - Galerie: Musée des Émaux, Briare, France

arrow32 2010 - Galerie d'Art Municipale. Luxembourg

arrow32 2009 - Lawrence-Arnott Gallery, Marrakech

arrow32 2009 - British School at Rome

arrow32 2009 - Comune de Ravenna and AIMC, Ravenna, Italy

arrow32 2008 - Dorchester County Museum Gallery (with invited artists)

arrow32 2008 - Galerie Chapelle St Eman Chartres France (mixed)

arrow32 2008 - Tripping the Light Fantastic, Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg (solo)

arrow32 2007 - Points de Perception, Musée d'Emaux et de Mosäique, Briare, France (solo)

arrow32 2006 - Chapelle de St Eman, Chartres, France (solo)

arrow32 2006 - Southampton City Art Gallery (solo)

arrow32 2005 - Aspects of Light III, Northcote House Gallery, University of Exeter (solo)

arrow32 2005 - Aspects of Light II, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter (solo)

arrow32 2005 - Pulsations de Marrakech, Dar Cherifa Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco (solo)

arrow32 2004 - Aspects of Light I, Reed Hall Gallery, University of Exeter (solo)

arrow32 2004 - Seeing the Light, Collins Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

arrow32 2003 - The Muse and the Moselle British Embassy, Luxembourg (solo)

arrow32 2002 - Salutations to the Muse, Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg

arrow32 2001 - Exposure, BAMM Inaugural Exhibition, RAMM Gallery, Exeter

arrow32 2000 - Mosaic - A Living Art; an Anglo-Italian Celebration, RAMM Gallery,Exeter, and Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield

arrow32 2000 - Choistra Francescani, Ravenna, Italy (AIMC)

arrow32 1996 - Museum of Fine Art, Alexandria, Egypt (AIMC)

arrow32 1995 - Galerie Dominique Lang, Luxembourg (solo)

arrow32 1995 - European Parliament Gallery, Strasbourg (solo)

arrow32 1994 - Palace of Art, Kamakura, Japan (AIMC)

arrow32 1992 - Anglo Italian Mosaic 92, XO Gallery Olympia, London

arrow32 1991 - The Constructed Image International Mosaic, Leighton House, London

arrow32 1991 - The Barbican, London